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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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♪ >> a fox urgent. nascar brought to a stand
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still at this hour. during the nationwide race a short time ago, fans were on the feet cheering and suddenly a car sailed in the grandstand. >> tone stewart will win the race and a terrible crash on the finished . we are awaiting a news conference . we'll take it to you for now the car raced through the guard rail and pierced through the fence. that was kyle larson. it didn't end there. larson front car ripped away . fans saw all of this happening close up. they were scream jumping out
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of the way . you could see a tire sitting in one of the seats. we have pictures of tharks too. medical crews arriving to help. 11 people were hurt. some of them seriously injured. you can see the crews cleaning up the carnage off and on the we are waiting for that news conference. we'll monitor for new information . our chief meteorologist is at the international dayton speed way. rick, you would have covered a fun assign now breaking news and you other than not far away from the crash? >> i wasn't. when you look at the race track you can see where the crash happened and i was on this side of the track. sometimes you turn around to watch the track on a big screen because you get a bigger picture of it and i had done that and saw the crash
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and turned around and heard the explosion and saw the pieces of debris and smoke left behind it. irve - everybody was not shock when that happened. it 100 yards from the end of the race. theyicate are make last minute move . they lost control and caused the accident. >> ap is reporting injuries. we know that the halifax medical center is right on the other side of the speed way and number one medical center here in the county. we know that there was good treatment for the folks taken there but we don't have a lot of information. the nascar folks delayed the news conference because they
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wanted accurate and best information. i assume from that it employees a fluid situation and potentially changing situation with the injured; harris. >> one of the spokespeople have varying information they are trying to shoir up. we are, here too in fox newings. rick, i am curous to know how that changed the iteniary of the race winner was call would but what about the rest of the night's events. >> yeah, the winner of the race went on and had a toned down celebration. you can see where the crash occurred and the fence. the fence was taken out and they are repairing that because that fence has to get going and the race is on for 1:00 tomorrow. the big race. it is it eerie and important to know that it was 12 years in the daytona 500 dail --
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dale earnhardt lost his life. >> you are reminding us of a grim path this particular day in history has. i remind you to watch the big daytona race tomorrow on the fox network. >> and nearly 100 people dangling on a monorail stuck in the dallas zoo. we watched the live pictures as they came in fox news and in the last little while they began to take down the people with ladderless. the call coming in at 3:30 local time. some kind much malyou function brought the monorail to a stop. it happened in a part where rescuers had easy access. no one was hurt.
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now it is moving again we have been told. we'll familiar those stories and updates . on line, with fox also tonight on the fox report. calling on hollywood to help save the doctor who used his medical practice in taliban to help the cia to track down osama bin laden. >> in the u.s., he's a hero for helping too lead our navy seals to the world's most wanted terrorist, but in pakistan, he's behind bars and considered or. who now wants to use the oscoor too bring attention to the plight of dr. afridi. >> a dramatic smash and grab. in the search to find the before they strike again. >> and the famous image
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capturing an iconic moment 60 years ago. raidsing the american plaghiro shima in the world war ii's most intense fighting. every day americans are caught in the middle of the budget. sweeping across the board cuts will begin in less than a reach. we heard dire warnings coming from lawmakerings, sequestitration would force longer lines and deep cuts to our military. in reality, the 85 billion in cuts makes up 2.4 percent of the federal budget and prompting republicans to use the white house to using scare tacticings. today lindsay addressing those
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in an interview on fox on huckabee tonight. here's the bit. >> the idea of republicans letting it go in affect and watching the fix it is not leadership. i thought we were the parity of the fiscal responsibility. the republican house passed a replacement for sequestitration and democratic frends are going to raise tax and republican senators should put a plan on the table rather than turning it over to barack obama and watching him do whaver he likings p. i don't like that proposal at all. >> and defense contractors have to see fur lows, members of congress should see their pay reduced as well for now the president is speaking out on molly, any movement to a compromise. >> nothing overtly and nothing publicly. each side is digging in and
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president obama said any last minute deal has to include more tax increases to go along with the spending cuts and chided republicans for not going along with that. >> it appears that republicans decided instead of compromise and they would rather let the cuts fall on the middle class. >> republicans are ready to make a deal on spending cuts but no more tax hikings. >> house republicanings have already passed two bills to replace the president's sequester and so the question is, why won't he work with us? the answer is because he wants higher taxes. >> presidents -- obama will take his message to a virginia ship building operation. virginia would be hard hit by the spending cuts, harris. >> we are fighting the budget.
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you and i aren't but they near washington and the obama administration launched a 100 city tour, what is it the bill for that? >> that's what republicans want to know. 100 city tour sends obama administration officialings in community to help people apply for more aid. the white house said the price tag doesn't compare to spending cuts. one republican said it is more taxpayer dollars going out the door. >> how many people going on the tour and why are we doing this if not for particular mines . it should be . represents a drop in the bucket to an 85 billion dollar cut. >> they're calling on them to
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cancil the tour. remember to catch the full interview with senator lindsay graham tonight immediately following the fox report. >> well, reports the family of the disabled runner oscar pistorius said he wants to make contact with the grieving family of the dead girlfriend reeva steenkamp, but whether any meeting will happen is anybody's guess. most of the steenkamp's family feel he is guilty. the judge determined that pistorius is too famous to being a flight risk. he kill would steenkamp thinking she was an intrudir. steenkamp family said pistorius will have to live with her death on his cob
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science -- conscience for the rest of his life. >> right now, we are getting brand new ditails in a developing story in florida. 14 people now are treated for injuries and we are following up on the situation in daytona. officials are confident for being available for the race. >> a major crash on the final corner on the final lap in the nationwide series race. earlier a short time ago, new details as we learn them in the bottom of the hour. radio active and toxic waste leaking in the ground in one state. the tank designed to hold the brew well past the design date. busy night on the fox report. stay delose. -- close. [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
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>> a brew of radio active waste raising concerns in the nuclear sat in han ford nuclear reservation in the southern middle part of washington state. six underground tankings containing the dangerous mix are now leak for the time being it does not pose a risk. but the latest new system reviving old debates of to do about the old tankings. han ford has 177, of them. they only have a life span of 20 years. >> on the eve of the oscar, a new push to get hollywood to step up and help a man who is a hero in this country but he is in. the doctor has been locked up in a pakistani prison since
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after the 2011 raid and torteured ever since. someone steps in he will spend 30 plus year in the horrible prison. dominic, we are learning about the beverly hills businessman and his wife who are campaigning to get the doctor free. >> that's right. they were so inspired by fox newcoverage of afridi's prediddictament. thape are placing an ad and calling for the film makers to call for the doctor's release. >> a moment lime light to walk out there and the camera and microphone is out there make that plea to get merning behind freeing dr. afridi. >> who heard of darfur until
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george cloony mentioned it in the oscar. it is it calling to get the hard hitting news out there to the main stream. >> so last night they launched a preoscar party and handed out blue awareness ribbons. get afridi free . django and chain all have them. >> zero dark 30 is it a movie that people had hoped would be in a lot of oscar nomination list. it didn't get nominated as much. but i am wondering how that team would react. that team is about the taking out of sum sum. osama bin ladin. >> it is it a controversial deprediction of cia water boarding methods. there is it a suggestion they
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may be dragged before a select committee to reveal the cia sources. they are feeling the heat but maybe not as much as dr. afridi is feeling it apparent leap. >> this just in. as you know we are following thuation and we learned, wow the number more than doubled. 28 nascar fans are hurt tonight. debris sailed in the grandstand of the daytona national speed way in the final lap of the nationwide season opener. moments ago, they are confident that the big race tomorrow will go on. so many more people are hurt than we thought. >> what you are looking at right now is happening in iran. >> we are following it for you. he was a man thrown into a notorous prison inside of iran
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>> in iran the revolutionary guard captured a foreign enemy drone. they're in the middle of three days of war gamings. code name profit 8. they are not staying whether the unmanned aircraft is american. >> the discovery of new uranium risources. they are now at 4400 tons.
4:25 pm
compare that to 1500 tons. as we told you, the u.s. andal -- allies are concerns about iran enriching uranium for a nuclear wep. >> they found a new large uranium deposit that would triple the known supply. >> iran is not allowed to import uranium. a find this size is mass addition and help to the nuclear program which iran claims is for peaceful civilian purposes. this comes as tension between the islamic republic and the west escalate. iran has started three days of military drills to have combat readiness. tankings and troops are attacking stage would position.
4:26 pm
israel and the u.s. claim that iran is making a new nuclear weapon. >> diplomats from germany and france and u.s. and russia are scheduled to meet with iran and the economic sanctions. few have much optanism anything will come out of the talks. harris. >> conor, powell, thank you very much. >> a letter from a american is confirming his family's worst fears. the american pastor's wife said she knows her husband is torteured and receiving death threats. he's 32 years old and father of two who left his home in idaho to help start a orphan age in iran. his family received the letter from himp only the second one since his capture. he described physical and
4:27 pm
psychological torteur and acknowledge that all of the beatings are designed for one thing to get him to deny christ. they will never get this from me. the blade runner, oscar pistorius out of jail and reportedly trying to reach out to the family of his dead girlfriend reeva steenkamp. there is concerns that the south africa legal system could make it almost impossible for the legal system to convict this man. breaking news story details we just learned. 28 people are hurt tonight. debris flying in the stands in the final laps. >> and comes to the rescue man's best friend. a good samarit an who refused to sit down and do nothing. [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward
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4:32 pm
just moments ago. >> following the incident we responded appropriately according to safety protocols and had emergency medical personnel at the insdint immediately. we transported 14 people off property and treated 14 people on the on track care we are repairing the facility and ready to rest tomorrow. >> dan yetsel was at the track when it happened and dan, you are with us? >> i am here, yes, thanks for having me. >> first of all. explain the moment . impact up against the fence line. >> it is it a major collision with 12 cars involved and kyle larson call would that car airborne and slammed into the fencing that is designed to keep the cars and interesting else from going into the stands . it descent greated and the
4:33 pm
engine got through the fence and parts of the car and debris, it could be anything and springs went flying in the stands and even in the upper decks and one person was treated 11 rows in the upper land. a tire landed on somebody nine rows back and it was a dangerous and loud situation and no safe place for the debris that is it going 200miles per hour to stop. >> i can see the climbing out of the cars. they don't appear to be injured. >> no, all . were released from the medical center. the safest place to be is inside of that car. >> tell me if you would now. i saw a tire on the seat. what sort of things flew in the crowd and how were people getting away. >> at that spide. there is no way to move. you are either going to get
4:34 pm
hit or not. it is it simply the luck of where you are standing. no way to prepare. the cars are going soy fast. you know, the front end of one of those cars descent greated and it could be metal scrap nel coming from the side of the or parts of the engine. it could be anything flying in there and the injuries could be bipping or maul small. we have woit critical . is a child and one has severe head trauma and having surgery. that appears to be the most serious and lit - light threatening. >> and darnings you and i were connected to i want to tell our audience this. we got to see and hear the
4:35 pm
piercing screams that were coming from people and they were all taken auch of you tube and you said there is a rain for that? >> nascar owns every bit of the video that is shot inside of the facility or either else the daytona national swede way . if you look at a ticket, on the back of a sporting ticket and that is one of them here . so any video shot by a media crew or spin spin that was broadcasting or someone on an iphone is own nascar or dis is able to pull that down and caint show it original footage on you tube dramatic . people filming. this is the last part of the race and finish. they were filming the finish part of the race . you can sigh the debris flying
4:36 pm
past people. there no timetro act. >> you put it out on twitter and it took my breath away. it the end of the race and people were on their feet and you have maybe a chance to jump out of the way. last thoughts from you. >> it a sad deal, the drivers were shook and the cline up crew and tomorrow is the daytona 500 and the big race tomorrow. it will be interesting to see the mood tomorrow in the track. >> daylight data 500. pime can watch that on big fox. they've we appreciate you joining us with a first account tonight. thank up >> turning over seas. the vatican is lashing out at the media for a series of false reports. the risponse comes on the eve of the pope benedict xvi's finaling before he steps down.
4:37 pm
there is it a secret report . scandals in the vat strat helped to promptment pope's reznition. the vatican said it is it only an attempt to influence those who will replace him. >> it is deplorable as we draw closer to the time . l beginning of the conclave and they will be held in conscience and before god to freely indicate the choice there is it a wide spread deliberation of false unverifiable news story. >> pope benedict xvi will officially step down on thursday. the conclave sect expect totted choose his successor will start in march. >> olympic star oscar pistorius spending time at a luxury home in a family member. reports that he may be reaching out to his dead girlfriend's family. oscar pistorius murdered his
4:38 pm
model girlfriend shooting her four timings. his next court appearance was sit in june. >> he is belove he mitted to killing her claiming that he thought she was a intruder. joining me is geraldo rivera. so good to have you here. you have covered the case and i watched part of it. critics of the south africa legal system say it is almost impossible to get a guilty verdict and pistorius could go free, what do you think? >> i don't think want dysfunction south african justice system has anything to do pistorius case is more like ege oge simpson case. i submit he is it aside from nelson mandela the most popular person in the case.
4:39 pm
the judge leaned over back wards to allow him to air his story. this was a bail hearing. they consider several things. they, not the question of guilt or innocence. will he be there and show up for the trial. is he a flight risk and if released a dangerous to others. he made a good argument in both of those questions . he's also allowed to question the strinth of the prosecutionamy case and there the judge allowed him enormous latitude. he allowed him to bring in an alttheory. >> you and i were watching this and thought it would go a few minutes and you came off of the set and i was going on in a guest segment and in a couple of minutes we will know >> 90 minutes later and the judge almost seemingly to true the case. >> the judge was conscious .
4:40 pm
fact that the world was watching. he wanted to bend over back wards for doing something unprecedented in. a premeditated murder case regardless much whether you are a flight risk or danger to amms, you almost never get bail. >> so why did he get bail? >> going back to where we started this , because he is beloved,ment judge allowed him and attorneys to attack the prosecution case. the prosecution had ear witness that reeva and oscar had been arguing with vehement passionate arguments and then shout follow would by the gunshots. what pistorius did take those facts and ben them to his own alternative theory. not me and reeva fighting. i shouting at an intrired that
4:41 pm
came in my house when i shut the outdoor shutters and snuck in my bathroom. woult looking with my stumps. i stumbled and bang, bang, bang. i shoot the door and go back and oh, my god dear reeva is not in bed and may have been behind the door. >> the prosecution is it allowed to poke holds . it felt like a trial at that point. they went back and forth. you stay there is it something miss negligent way pistorius's lawyers acted whampt are we missing. >> he is it crafted, remember the charge meditated murder. what he crafted is it a fact and case that amounts to cull paable homicide. that's what they call in southcar ra. >> that is it a lesser charge. >> is it is a fraction of what he would be facing in a
4:42 pm
premeditated murder. he would be facing life in a premeditated and in a cull pullable homicide. >> interesting, he may have opened the door. find me gement but let me present that early. >> oj simpson. >> we got it report that is pistorius is trying to reach out to his dead girlfriend's family; is that normal. >> he said i loved this woman and part of the reason to let me out on bail bumpt he neglected to give condollences to the victim's family until they critized . let me send flowers over there. i think it stinks of insigne sirit -- insincerity. >> do i want geraldo at large
4:43 pm
right here on fox. you have your night set. pop some corn. sit still, thanks. >> there is it an fight brewing the faste a little three year old boy in texas. the russian governmentments him back in that country after the brother found dead in the family's home. stay with us. . humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me.
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4:47 pm
old unconscious and was rushed to the hospital and he died. they were adopted just last year by laura and alen of garden dale. he died on january 21st and exactly how is awaiting autopsy. texas welfare is monitoring the fannel fam. the birth mother is seeking his return to russia but has problems with alcohol and that may be the reason they were taken away in the first place. >> this is it a tit-for tat for russia. >> touch i politically . russian lawmakers and officials are expressing outrage familiaring the death of the three year old . reaction is extreme with the russian officials accusing the
4:48 pm
texas mom with murder. the've the law banning adoption passed last year with officials arguing that the kids are not safe here and 19 children have died over several years . want u.s. state department is urging patience while the texas case moves forward. >> let me underscore it is it a terrible tragedy that the child has died; but none of us not here or anywhere in the world should jump to conclusions until the have had a chance to investigate. >> u.s. officials see ban as retaliation for a bill passed in the u.s. senate targeting russian officialings for humang. >> molly, thank you. >> it is the most iconic image of world war ii, the marines raising the flag over hiro shima. that is a historicic moment
4:49 pm
that happened 68 years ago today . all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet...
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>> skate years ago tonight, want america flag raised on the island of hiro shima and the the men hoisting it is stars and remain happened the iconic and inspiring pictures in u.s. history. someone with a special connection to the battle is fox legal analyst. we want to share with you his tribute to those who sacrificed so much. >> 68 years ago this week. five marines and one navery corman planted the flag in hiro shima in a bloody battle.
4:53 pm
70,000 americans including my father fought to wrest control of the island that was key to invading japan. in washington d.c. survivors and their families recalled the sacrifice. i came to understand the unflagging bonds of crourge and duty that bound my late father and aging band of brother. >> nurse had cleaned me up. i bled a lot but i was not seriously hurt . i couldn't find along with my brothers and asked the colonel if i can go back. we are not sending anybody back. ip said colonel mipe wife and son, i haven't seen for a year and a half . more than a year and a half. those femos up there on hiro shima my family. >> we would fight and take those positions and the next
4:54 pm
day we did the same thing all over again and that went on 28 days. i was wounded three times. >> and thape understand the duty and state of in equal measure. >> the war was a terrible thing and we lost a lot of people, and a lot of friends. it is it something that you never forgept . it is it in your mind all of the time. >> and off of the bloody waters of the volcano island with so much loss. >> i happened to be on the beach much hiro shima looking out over the ocean and saw the destroyer escort coming up in the island . i said dee, that is it the kind of boat my brother is on . ip wonderp where he is. >> that's when the pa announced. rigar come to the gang way. you have a visitor .
4:55 pm
when i got my brother standing there waiting to talk to me. >> the marine's daughter who wanted know more. >> i lost him so young. what high like in war . who employees his friend the core man that may center treated his wound and chaplain to help him in troubled times. heap made me proud the morip learned about hiro jima and the battle. >> survichors were created bypass ape japanese ambassor. . in the battle of iwojima they today returned to celebrate
4:56 pm
the sacrifice and service of the fallen brothers. >> inning the strong hands of men and women who may have carried my wounded father, i held their grip longer than i ordinarily would. ip understood that each of us are in our own way the guardian of the freedom and awful us who understand and value the men much iwojima are also honor bound to protect and keep this flag that flies every minute of every day. our continuing coverage of the you crash in daytona speed way. 28 nascar fans were hurt . car number 32 involved on a wreck on the track and that is it leaving the speed way airborne . debris flying stand and it is it a big weekend it is set
4:57 pm
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